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We see it in nearly every community we work in: businesses are increasingly looking for qualified workers and struggling to fill positions, while jobless individuals lack the education and necessary skills to fill available positions. In many areas, the workforce skills gap seems to be widening rapidly. But, communities CAN take action to disrupt this trend, and many are. The resources on this page were assembled with those communities in-mind.


Looking for workforce development case studies? We've got you covered.

Camoin's project portfolio includes numerous workforce development projects throughout the U.S., including in the States of Washington, New Jersey, New York, Maine, Rhode Island, Texas, Massachusetts and Georgia. We're proud to report that our workforce development clients are building off of the plans and strategies we developed together, and are seeing real implementation success. 


How do you assess future labor force needs? 

Analyzing replacement demand data for occupations within key industry sectors is one way to determine future workforce needs for a local economy. Those working in career development and education assess replacement demand to determine future employment opportunities and economic development professionals consider replacement demand as part of business retention and expansion (BR&E). 


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