Word on the Street: Companies Increasingly Prefer, Even Demand Digital Engagement from EDOs

It comes as little surprise that companies looking to grow, expand, or relocate their operations are, for the most part, appreciative of the pro-active efforts of local and state-level economic development organizations. We get many positive comments from executives noting that they wish their own local groups would do more to not only attract, but retain business in their particular geography.

On the flip side, our outreach team has noticed an increasing trend in companies pushing back hard on any type of communication from economic development agencies looking to talk about growth or expansion. They often request no further communication, claiming they are contacted on a regular basis by other economic development organizations.

More and more companies are deferring phone conversations by suggesting and/or even requiring contact via e-mail, their websites, and especially social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and others). Camoin 310’s outreach office has successfully used these outlets to book meetings with prospects over the past year and it looks like a developing trend.

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