Town of Provincetown, MA Housing Strategies

The Challenge

Camoin 310 was hired by the Town of Provincetown to complete an Economic Development Strategic Plan. As part of this work, it was apparent many of the town’s constraints were rooted in a lack of affordable housing – both for Provincetown’s seasonal workforce and its year-round residents. In addition, the recent passing of the Massachusetts’s Short Term Rental Tax will provide additional funds to the Town that can be diverted to affordable housing initiatives. Camoin was engaged to complete strategy development that will show how the Town can best utilize this new revenue stream.

The Solution

In reviewing Provincetown’s current affordable housing programs, it became apparent that administrative capacity is stretched thin – many of these programs rely on the same handful of volunteers to complete. Camoin has tentatively recommended the consolidation of some programs, ensuring the Town stresses the need for dense development, illustrating the cause and effect of short-term rentals, and encouraging committee participation in regional peer groups who are dealing with these same pressing issues. Additionally, Camoin has provided case studies on alternative affordable housing programs.

The Impact

Upon completion of this work, Provincetown will be in a position to organize current initiatives, combine efforts, and infuse funding in affordable housing strategies in a way that maximizes impact to the target market segments.

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