Margaret Gallagher

Project Manager

Phone: 518-899-2608

Headshot of Maggie Gallagher for Camoin Associates

As one of the Project Managers for Camoin’s Engagement Center, Maggie brings organization and expertise to all of her projects to increase the quality of prospects delivered to clients. With a background in business analysis and data management, Maggie works with clients to ensure the project is completed in a timely manner. She has conducted research to grow the Camoin 310 database, worked to increase the productivity of the Engagement Center, and created new ways to track project progress. Maggie is passionate about creating economic growth for her clients and learning about their industries to make sure the prospects identified are the right match for the region and its population. Maggie holds an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Mary Washington and a Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning with a concentration in Revitalization from Virginia Commonwealth University. 

Affecting Real Change

Industry Prospect Campaign | Greenville ENC Alliance, NC | Maggie has connected the Greenville ENC Alliance team to the CRM solutions company of interest so the team could better manage its projects, and developed a list of existing businesses working in the identified target industries in their region to be uploaded and managed in the CRM. Currently, Maggie is serving as Lead Project Manager on the industry prospect campaign, targeting the advanced manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and medical device and supply manufacturing industries. 

Industry Prospect Campaign | Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation, OK | Maggie is Lead Project Manager for an industry prospect campaign targeting the energy, aerospace and defense, health care, and information and financial services industries. This campaign is working to connect the region with various companies hoping to expand into the Duncan Oklahoma region.

Industry Prospect Campaign | Southern Carolina Alliance, SC | Maggie is Lead Project Manager for an industry prospect campaign seeking to connect the Alliance with companies in aerospace, automotive, food and agriculture, pharmaceutical, life science, and other industries to induce expansion into the Southern Carolina region.

Industry Prospect Campaign | Missouri Partnership | Maggie worked as Lead Project Manager for an industry prospect campaign designed to  attract expanding businesses to Missouri. The campaign targeted businesses in the advanced manufacturing, aerospace and defense, energy, financial and professional services, agtech, food processing, health manufacturing, and logistics industries.

Rappahannock Region, VA | Maggie conducted background research to identify top strategies for affordable housing and then worked to determine when the region was currently utilizing those best practices and how its strategy could improve.