Jim Damicis

Senior Vice President

Phone: (207) 831-1061
Email: jim@camoinassociates.com



Jim brings more than 25 years of experience helping communities, regions, states, and public and private organizations, as well as work with the Communities of the Future. Recognized as a national leader in preparing for an emerging economic future, Jim takes a holistic and innovative approach to economic development. As Senior Vice President and Camoin Principal, Jim leads projects in local and regional economic analysis, industry market analysis, and strategic planning.  

Prior to its merger with Camoin Associates, Jim built PolicyOne Research into a leading research and analysis firm in Maine, serving private and public clients throughout the Northeast. Jim also worked for the Maine Science and Technology Foundation, serving three years as the Director of Research and Policy.

Jim is the former President of the Northeastern Economic Development Association (NEDA) and has served in leadership capacities for more than 10 years with NEDA. In addition, Jim serves as a member of the International Economic Development Council’s Economic Development Research Partners program and has served on numerous local and regional economic and community development organization boards and initiatives.

Real Results

  • Targeted Industry & Cluster Analysis and Incubation and Acceleration Analysis | Tallahassee-Leon County, FL | Jim led an effort for the Office of Economic Vitality to analyze entrepreneurship and economic growth in the Tallahassee regional economy, develop targeted industry strategies, and assess efforts to support entrepreneurship through incubation and acceleration.
  • Targeted Industry and Innovation Analysis and Strategy  |  Loudoun County, VA  |  Jim led the analyses of Loudoun’s industry sectors to develop targeted strategies for investment attraction and business expansion and continues to work with the Loudoun County team on innovative projects. 
  • Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy | Los Angeles County, CA | Jim and Camoin colleagues led the creation of the five-year CEDS for Los Angeles County and continues to support the County with annual updates. The strategies integrate resiliency with economic growth.