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Action-oriented strategies to stimulate your economy.

We create realistic, actionable projects and programs supported by robust research and analysis accompanied by a clear roadmap for implementation. The strategies we create provide concrete actions to accomplish desired outcomes and - most importantly - build capacity for successful implementation.

  • Robust Research and Analysis - Strategies are built upon a comprehensive analysis of economic trends, workforce knowledge and skill based assessment, market opportunities, and other economic characteristics that contribute to competitive advantages.
  • Reliable Process -  Every planning process is entirely customized to meet a community’s specific needs. Our expertise is designing and implementing reliable processes that combine traditional planning with innovative “strategic doing” methods that build trust and leave participants with the means to achieve their goals.

Economic Development Strategies

Our approach to economic development strategic planning is deeply rooted in implementation. In order for any plan to be effective, it must blend high-level ideas and a clear vision with specific tactics, projects, programs, services, and policies to be updated or initiated. Also essential are realistic views of market realities; capacity, resources, and commitments to taking action; the building of trust and communication networks; and a commitment to measuring and evaluating progress, sharing the results, and utilizing them for continuous improvement over time.

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Action Plans

Across the country, communities are turning to innovation and entrepreneurship to diversify their economies. Analyzing sources of innovation and culture, including quality of place, coupled with economic data and capacity building supports strategies to create the innovation infrastructure that can be a guiding force for an area’s future.

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Workforce Development Strategies

We see it in nearly every community we work in: businesses are increasingly looking for qualified workers and struggling to fill positions, while jobless individuals lack the education and necessary skills. Economic development needs workforce development as a strategic partner. Through a webinar series, learning labs, case study research, and several active projects, bridging the gap between workforce development and economic development is an issue we are addressing head on and working to find real solutions.

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  • Spokane Area Workforce Development Council, Cluster Analysis & Future Workforce Planning
  • Eastern Maine Development Corporation - Workforce Data Analysis & Strategy 
  • Saratoga Economic Development Corporation - Workforce & Economic Development Plan
  • County of Somerset, NJ - Occupational Analysis & Strategy


Marketing, Communications, & Engagement Strategies

When considering marketing for economic development, we stress the integration of internal (within the community and region) and external (outside the community and region) engagement and communications within our approach. Both are critical and strengthen each other.  Strategic actions to inform, engage, and build community can create dialog and excitement around economic development initiatives internally, which in turn strengthens marketing efforts designed to attract the attention of developers, investors, regional partners, site selectors, workers, and others making locational decisions. In our experience, the most successful marketing campaigns are holistic and fully integrated into the overall economic development strategy. 

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"If your organization is trying to make a vision into a reality, you need the help of people who can take that vision and coalesce all of the concepts it into a practical reality. The Camoin team was able to articulate our boards ideas into a working and living document that translated the ideas into the facts and then into a road map that we could implement. We are very grateful for their work."

Anthony Capece
Executive Director
Central District Management Association, Inc.

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