Small Business and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Services


Small businesses are most impacted by this recession, and you're on the front line supporting them.

We're your partner for small business and entrepreneur crisis response and are ready to work alongside you to restore the small business community. We believe that economic disruption creates economic opportunity. 


Let's do this.


Small Business Outreach & Resource Center

Don't wait for struggling businesses to call you. Our team can work on your behalf to conduct direct outreach to the startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in your community. We'll check-in with them, see how they are weathering the disruption, and connect them with resources today. We can also answer, manage, and direct inbound inquiries from small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking economic relief, allowing your team to focus on other priorities. 

Policy & Code Assessment

We believe that there is a strong, synergetic relationship between the built environment and small business and entrepreneurial ecosystems. To ensure you community's regulatory environment supports and encourages small business resilience and growth, we can review your community's land use regulations and permitting processes and work collaboratively with your boards and commissions to adopt an approach that will support recovery and future success.

Funding Assistance

Our team is tracking funding streams in real-time and can help you, and the small businesses in your community, apply for the right kind of support. Our analysts will work alongside you to identify appropriate funding streams, complete funding applications, and can help administer and manage the funds from start to finish. Additionally, to support small businesses with funding solutions to get back up and running, we have partnered with Anthony Price of LootScout

Metrics Tracking & Evaluation

Assess and track critical entrepreneurship and small business indicators for the community and monitor the impact your support programs are making towards recovery. Use these metrics to tell the story of your business resilience, the role they play in the community, and the part that you played in making it happen. 

Economic & Fiscal Disruption Tracking

Quantifying the scale and scope of disruptive events in real time is critical for remediating, recovering, and rebuilding. Our team can work with you to develop mechanisms that will track and assess the economic and fiscal impact of small business disruption from COVID-19 on the local economy so you can make the necessary adjustments, and use this information to seek funding.

Ecosystem Assessment & Action Planning

We will help you engage with and understand the ecosystem, identify gaps to fill, opportunities to cultivate, and develop grounded strategies and actions to move quickly. These initiatives will serve the small businesses and entrepreneurs in your community today, and into the future. 

Market Research & Intelligence

Change is happening rapidly and what we knew yesterday about markets and the economy is no longer the situation today, and it will be different tomorrow. Our analysts are resourced with the best, real-time economic data available from partners like Emsi, and can work with you, or your businesses, to analyze and understand current economic conditions. They will work with you to translate and distill the data into knowledge, and develop strategies to help small businesses and startups adapt their business plans to the realities of the crisis-economy.

Business Refocus & Recovery

Camoin 310 has partnered with CO.STARTERS to provide access to their new Road to Recovery program, which starts with a free virtual workshop that will help participating small businesses and entrepreneurs find the focus and clarity needed to shift mindsets and find a new way forward. This is for businesses who feel stuck and need some help identifying the best next steps alongside other businesses going through this shared experience. 


We are here for you.

We understand that your needs are changing daily, and can work with you to develop acustom approach for your small business and startup crisis response.
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Partner Network

We're not doing this alone. We're able to bring this robust suite of services to the economic development community by engaging with some of the best partners: 

  • CO.STARTERS - Helps communities thrive through entrepreneurship by equipping them with strategy, tools, and relationships.
  • LootScout - Counsels entrepreneurs on how to build a better business and raise capital.
  • Emsi - Offers the best labor market data available anywhere. They pull data from multiple sources: to give the most complete, nuanced, up-to-date view of the labor market possible. 
  • Business Cluster Development - Creates innovative models and strategies that catalyze entrepreneurial ecosystems and emerging innovation clusters. 
  • Innovation Policy Works - Helps policymakers and executives responsible for innovation and entrepreneurship programs be sure they are delivering the most effective and cost-effective assistance to companies in their region. 
  • Entreworks Consulting - Works with a diverse base of clients committed to innovative economic development strategies that build wealth and build communities. 

Visit our partner network page for more information. 



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