Retaining Young Creative Talent: Connecting kids to local career opportunities they can get excited about

If you're like me, you didn't know what you wanted to do when you grew up.

It can be stressful as a kid when all of your friends 'know' what type of job they want and you have no idea (most of my friends wanted to be teachers). All too often, young people growing up in small and mid-sized communities assume they will have to "get out of this place" and relocate to larger metros in order to get a good job they enjoy when in reality local opportunities actually DO exist, they are just hidden. To change this perception, communities across the country are finding creative ways to show their young people, parents, guidance counselors, and teachers, the exciting career opportunities available locally. 

The Creative Everyday comic book is one very creative, very cool project designed to expose kids to local career opportunities in the creative economy:

Show young people, their parents, and teachers the different types of job opportunities available in creative industries in their community by giving them examples of real people in their community that turned their passions into great careers. 


Digital and hard-copy comic books distributed to high school students that showcase real people working in different creative industries.


Capital Region, New York State




Creative Everyday is an illustrated book of 50 New York Capital District professionals working in various creative industries. Each page tells the story of how someone went from doodling, singing, or drawing maps (ahem, yours truly) for fun and incorporated that talent into a career they love. The author of this incredible comic is fellow Sandy Creek High School graduate, Ira Marcks, who begins the book by telling his own story of how he had to endure several jobs before figuring out how to work in the creative industry full time.

I was incredibly excited to be a small part of this project because it addresses issues I experienced first-hand as a kid growing up in a small community and continue to work on today with clients across the U.S. Kids don't know about all of the cool things happening in that stale looking office building or that gritty old mill unless we show them. And, as economic developers, we have the networks and knowledge to connect our future workforce with what could be their future dream job.

Check out the digital version of Creative Everyday, maybe it'll give you some ideas for what YOU want to do when you grow up…


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