Recreation & Entertainment Trends to Watch: Active Recreational Attractions

Trends to Watch in Active Recreational Attractions

As with gyms and fitness centers, a rise in new and unique offerings, coupled with increased disposable incomes have driven demand for various active recreational attractions that promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle choices. These attractions include golf driving ranges, miniature golf centers, go-kart racetracks, batting cages, family fun centers, recreational sports leagues and a wide assortment of outdoor recreational activities.

  • As consumer confidence has increased with incomes, people have more money to spend on leisure activities, sparking demand for this industry. However, as with many other entertainment and recreation industries, competing for consumers’ limited leisure time is a challenge. The industry has to compete with alternative, less-active leisure activities, some of which are highly convenient for consumers, such as in-home video game systems.
  • In order to expand market share, firms in this industry are faced with meeting the needs of different types of consumers. These firms have to balance retention of young consumers and families, as well as gain interest from older cohorts.  Supporting parents with young children is an important demographic for this industry. To better do this, many firms are providing batting cages, paintball, go-kart tracks appealing to adults, as well as coin-operated games targeted for younger children. Additionally, there are increased offerings meant to serve an older demographic, not necessarily accompanied by children; these amenities include pool tables, shuffleboard, lounge areas, and various food and drink options. Some firms have also supported recreation groups or sports leagues to promote increased use of the facilities.
  • Diversification of amenities and offerings is a key component for industry firms’ success. As noted, this industry is competing with other, highly-convenient entertainment options, therefore amenities must be innovative and provide an experience that consumers cannot get at home. By working to meet the needs of different demographic groups, these firms also have the added benefit of diversifying their offerings. Updating the facilities with new, high-end amenities has can also draw in new consumers; this can include high-end eating areas, including serving of alcohol. Overall, having a wider range of activities within golf driving ranges and family fun centers will draw more consumers.
  • Similar to gyms and fitness clubs, it is important to cater to increasingly budget-conscious consumers in this industry as well. Firms are offering discounts and coupons to increase demand and attract larger groups of people; such discounts can include all-you-play video games or laser tag, as well as price reductions during non-peak seasons or days.


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