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Economic & Fiscal Impact of Retreat Farm

March 29, 2021

The Challenge

The Retreat Farm, a non-profit entity, has taken on the role of preserving and revitalizing the 2,000 acre historic property in Brattleboro, Vermont. Retreat Farm has been making investments to provide a modern, working educational farm to the people of Windham County and beyond. The next phase of the revitalization effort is the renovation of the North Barn into event and community space. Without the North Barn renovation project, the rest of the Retreat farm is not sustainable.

The Solution

Retreat Farm commissioned Camoin 310 to conduct an economic and fiscal impact analysis to demonstrate the impact of the North Barn project individually as well as the larger Retreat Farm organization. Without the North Barn it is reasonable to assume the rest would not exist in Windham County and therefore the economic contributions would be lost.

The Impact

Camoin 310 found that the North Barn renovation will generate significant new visitors in Windham County resulting in new jobs, earnings, and tax revenue for the municipalities. Findings from the analysis were used by Retreat Farm in their application for grant funding from the Northern Border Regional Commission and to promote the farm and its community benefits. Upon project completion, the Camoin team worked with Retreat Farm to incorporate findings into their grant applications.



Project rendering source: Retreat Farm.