Northwest PA Petrochemicals Supply Chain Study

In light of the Northwest Pennsylvania’s challenges in recent decades to retain and attract industry and residents amid the evolving global economic landscape, the region has identified a critical opportunity to pivot and reposition itself to reap the benefits of the flourishing natural gas and petrochemicals industry in the greater Appalachia region, as well as opportunities specifically related to the Shell Pennsylvania ethane cracker and polyethylene production complex in Beaver County, PA, expected to open in the early 2020s.

Camoin 310 and its engineering partner, CEC PLANNING, conducted a supply chain opportunity study to determine target industries for attraction and expansion and built a GIS model to identify geographic “hot spots” with the infrastructure assets needed to support development. With its strong manufacturing history, existing concentration of plastics manufacturers, training programs in plastics, proximity to production facilities across the petrochemical supply chain, and transportation access via road, rail, and water, Northwest Pennsylvania has the foundation of critical assets needed to capture the growing economic activity associated with petrochemicals.

Following the recommendations outlined in the study, the Northwest Commission and its partners are engaging in an effort to prepare the region for attracting investment from petrochemicals related industries and grow its employment and tax base for current and future residents.

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