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Want to turn your website into a business attraction and expansion tool?

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You’ve had a website for years, but you have never utilized it as a tool to identify and engage with businesses interested in your region. Don’t wait to find out if your community is being considered for a relocation or expansion project. Instead, influence that decision making earlier in the process by proactively marketing to business leaders within your target industries and identifying and engaging with them the moment they visit your website.

Our new Prospect Engage tool combines cutting edge targeted marketing techniques and innovative business identification technology to provide real-time prospect engagement opportunities.

Here’s how it works…..

1. Drive traffic to your website

Periodic B2B social media marketing campaigns drive target industry businesses leaders to your website. You can run these campaigns yourself, or let our digital marketing experts do it for you.       


2. Engage visitors while they are on your website

We attempt to engage with visitors on your behalf through chat. Our staff serves as your back office, freeing your team to focus on higher priority projects and become involved once a new opportunity is identified.


3. Collect intelligence about website visitors 

We identify the business visitors using company ID software, gather data about them, and obtain the latest C-suite contact information. 




4. Utilize prospect engage dashboard 

Visitation and company data is used to build a custom interactive dashboard, turning your website into a marketing intelligence and lead generation machine. 



5. Connect with companies 

Our Engagement Professionals can utilize a state of the art cloud-based contact center platform to engage with companies on your behalf, or you can use the dashboard to connect with them yourself. 


To learn more about how Prospect Engage can help you turn your website into a lead generation tool, or to schedule a 15 minute demonstration, email Taylor Camoin at


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