Massachusetts WIOA Regional Workforce Development Planning

To better align economic, workforce, and education systems in Massachusetts, the Governor configured the state into seven unique Workforce Investment regions. Camoin Associates had the opportunity to work with three of the seven regions: Pioneer Valley, Berkshire Region, and Northeast Region. Each region was asked to complete a series of collaborative meetings among stakeholders within economic, workforce, and education to populate a regional Blueprint, outlining strategic goals and initiatives for the future of the regional workforce development. For each region, Camoin Associates worked in cooperation with the regional workforce development boards to analyze labor market data, and facilitate both large group meetings as well as regional employer focus group sessions, and to gather input from various stakeholders.

Camoin Associates helped to facilitate meetings and analyze data, which was used by to prepare the comprehensive Blueprint for each of the three regions. Each Blueprint will be used to inform both the unique regions and the State as they outline a sustainable workforce development strategy. The outcome of meetings, research, and Blueprint determined regional priority industries and occupations, and identified detailed workforce goals and strategies. As part of the goals and strategies, each region outlined priority industries and occupations, including but not limited to, Health Care and Social Assistance; Educational Services; Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services; and Advanced Manufacturing, each of these priorities will receive attention to promote economic growth in the region.


  • Workforce Development Strategy
  • Workforce Data Analysis
  • Stakeholder Meetings
  • Employer Focus Groups

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