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Focusing on action through strategic doing.

Great data, rigorous research, and innovative strategies are nothing without the capacity for implementation. Our motto is “start-to-finish economic development solutions” - and we mean it. From building implementation capacity during the strategic planning process to actually leading the implementation of projects and strategies, our goal for every project is to empower our clients to take action and achieve their goals.


Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

Jim Damicis is a leader in the analysis and implementation of Tax Increment Financing (TIF). He has been integrally involved in the analysis and implementation of more than fifty projects that have integrated TIF financing into development projects serving both public and private sector clients. He has provided training to state and local officials on the effective use of TIF and developed the first TIF policy between two Cities (Lewiston and Auburn, Maine) that enabled them to collaborate on regional economic development initiatives. Every TIF application Jim has worked on has been passed by local officials and approved by the State.

Featured Clients

  • Avesta Housing - TIF Analysis
  • Martins Point Health Care - TIF Analysis

Marketing & Communications Campaign Management

Sometimes you need a little help to get started with a new marketing campaign. We partner with communities to send email newsletters, write social media content, develop editorial calendars, promote events, or simply be a second set of eyes for a new website design. 

Featured Clients

  • Town of Groton, CT - Digital Marketing Strategy Implementation 
  • Hoosick Falls, NY - eNewsletter & Social Media Campaign Management 
  • Town of Strasburg, VA - Economic Development Website 

Executive Recruitment

An experienced economic development professional must have strong leadership skills, be capable of conversing with business leaders, understand workforce development and supply chains, and be knowledgeable about the needs of relevant industry sectors. With 16+ years of experience, and conducting over 25 economic development position job searches to expand our own highly talented team of economic development professionals, we offer communities looking to expand their own economic development capacity a proven process for identifying top candidates with the unique skill set required to succeed in this profession.

Featured Clients

Grant Writing & Administration

In the last 10 years, we have secured nearly $50 million in economic and community development initiative funding for our clients. Recipient communities have used this funding to support business expansion and attraction projects, rehabilitate housing for low and moderate income individuals, replace vital infrastructure, renovate underutilized downtown commercial space, and enable small businesses to start and grow.

In addition to writing grant applications, Camoin 310 has administered grants for communities across upstate New York State. Camoin facilitates the disbursement of grant funds by collaborating and mediating between stakeholders, managing fiscal responsibilities related to the grant or municipal codes, and ensuring overall compliance with all state and federal mandates. Building a strong, trusting relationship between our staff and grant awardees paves the way to success in managing grants large and small.

Featured Clients

  • De Cicco Family Markets - Grant Writing
  • Empire State Development - Manufacturing Extension Partnership Grant Proposal
  • Agri-Mark - Successful grant writing for multi-million dollar award
  • Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority - Grant Writing
  • City of Mechanicville, NY - Grant writing and administration


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