How Innovation and Entrepreneurship are Helping Revive Rural Places

Aging populations. Opioid overdoses. Shuttered storefronts. Fewer and fewer good jobs. These symptoms are present in much of rural America.

For those of us who want to make a difference, to change the trajectory of our communities, innovation and entrepreneurship seem like strategies worth trying. But, what should we do specifically? Can programs that work elsewhere work in my region?

Here’s the good news. Yes, innovation and entrepreneurship can help your community. And, we can help you get there.

Inside this PDF, you will learn 5 ways to boost your local economy.

  • Discover how to improve the lives of your local citizens by building entrepreneurial networks
  • Avoid the venture capital trap by unlocking other sources of capital
  • Leverage existing resources to develop better paying jobs.

Get your PDF and start the transformation of your local economy.



Five Things You Can Do to Boost Your Local Economy through Innovation and Entrepreneurship


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