Expand your crisis response team.

These are challenging times.  We are inspired, but not at all surprised, by the actions that each of you are taking as the economic and public landscape changes daily. Based on 20+ years of experience and technical capability we are here to be your partner to restore and support your businesses and community.  

We are prepared to start working with you in the following ways: 

Rapid Response

Our team stands ready to answer, manage, and direct inquiries from businesses seeking economic relief,  allowing your team to engage with other priorities. 

Conditions & Impact Tracking

Quantifying the scale and scope of disruptive events in real time is critical for remediating, recovering, and rebuilding. Our team can work with you to develop mechanisms that will track and assess the economic and fiscal impact of COVID-19 on your community or region so you can make the necessary adjustments to minimize the financial crisis.


Our team is tracking funding streams in real-time and can help you, and the businesses in your community, apply for the right kind of support to meet unique needs. Our analysts will work alongside you to identify and complete the funding application and can also help administer and manage the funds from start to finish.


Our marketing and communications team can help you organize, simplify, and disseminate communications to your business community. Whether it is a press release, a resource database, or someone to manage the entire digital media strategy, our team will adapt to your community’s needs.  

Business Outreach

Don't wait for struggling businesses to call you. Our team can assemble a list of your most at-risk businesses and conduct effective direct outreach to check-in, get a status update, and connect them with resources today.

EDO Advisement

When economic crisis demands strategic decision making, we can advise your management team on decisions about resource deployment and staff capacity that will support the well-being of your organization and maximize the positive impact on the communities you serve. 


We are here for you.

We understand that your needs are changing daily, and can work with you to develop a custom approach for your business and economic development emergency response. For more information, call 518-596-0306 to reach Alex Tranmer, or email her at alexandra@camoinassociates.com


Let's do this.


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