Downtown Revitalization Winner: City of Plattsburgh!

While last year New York State's 10 economic regions were pitted against each other for a chance to win a piece of the Upstate Revitalization Initiative, a competition for $500 million in funds dedicated to various economic development efforts, this time the state is taking things downtown. This year's state wide economic development competition, known as the Downtown Revitalization Initiative, brings a renewed importance to building diverse and vibrant downtowns across the state. Downtowns in each economic region submitted applications for the $10 million prize (each region will have one winner), hoping to show the review committee their readiness for the award. The goal of the initiative is to invest in projects and infrastructure that will enable downtowns to act as vibrant centers of the community where residents can spend quality time, invoking the idea of a space where people can "live, work and play." 

This past week it was announced that the City of Plattsburgh was awarded the $10 million prize for the North County. The City won out over Watertown and Ogdensburg, who had also applied for the funding.

A consultant team, made up of Camoin and the Chazen Companies, is currently working with the City to evaluate the potential for a site on Durkee Street, a key target for redevelopment in the City's DRI proposal. Camoin's real estate analysis was used as part of the DRI application and we're thrilled the city's development potential carried over to the application review process.

We can't wait to see what is to come for this site and the rest of downtown Plattsburgh, Congrats! 

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