Daniel C. Gundersen

Senior Vice President
Phone: 804-625-2650

About Dan

Dan has been on the front lines of the economic development profession for over 20 years. He got his start administering a small city community development program in the Midwest before heading east to create and direct public/private partnerships for business leaders in Philadelphia. He served as the mayor’s point person for inner-city development during that City’s widely acclaimed renaissance period.

Since then, he has worked with national business leaders, directly for five governors and with public officials in four states, along with thousands of professionals in dozens of regions to create economic growth strategies, jobs, and investment opportunities.

Dan Gundersen is an Honorary Life Member (HLM) and Fellow Member (FM) of the International Economic Development Council (“IEDC”), the only worldwide association for the economic development profession. He served on the Board of Directors for IEDC for eight years, was Chair of the Audit Committee, and Co-Chair of a task force that helped produce first-ever industry performance measures. He earned a master’s degree from University of Pennsylvania, his bachelor’s from Hope College, with studies at the Harvard Business School, Georgetown, and Cornell University.

Dan's Previous Leadership Roles

  • COO & Interim President and CEO, Virginia Economic Development Partnership

  • Executive Director, Baltimore County Economic & Workforce Development

  • Commissioner of New York State Department of Economic Development, and Upstate Chair and Co-Chair, Empire State Development Corporation

  • Executive Deputy Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

  • Assistant Secretary for Business Development, Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development

​Examples of reports and other digital media from Dan's previous positions is linked in the box to the right. 

Dan's Affecting Real Change

Dan believes that the most effective organizations are those that, when challenged, get beyond the "me" of their leaders to advance the "we" of their respective teams. That's a hard job to get right. It takes active listening and expressively embracing diversity of opinions, talents, and backgrounds. It requires equal comfort encouraging bold thought while integrating sound, rigorous data and competing perspectives. It takes nurturing of trust to engage others in an open, iterative process while helping to interpret the patterns that begin to emerge. Organizations that do this well are able to channel collective energies to solve problems and get results.

These are the basics of change management, teamwork, and leadership that excite and motivate Dan to help clients make a positive difference in today's complex world. Throughout his career, he and his teams repositioned organizations to embrace their potential, and as a result helped transform communities and structure deals resulting in the creation and retention of over 150,000 jobs.

Personal Interest

Outside the confines of the office, Dan relishes any activity in an outdoor or natural environment. He envies his co-workers in the Camoin headquarters who breathe the Adirondack air, can see and ski snow-capped mountains and canoe clear lakes on weekends. But then again, working out of the Virginia office, he can enjoy sailing the Chesapeake Bay, the sand of the Atlantic Ocean, near year-round golf, and checking off, one-by-one, visits to hundreds of craft breweries and world-class restaurants.

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Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

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