Childcare Feasibility Study

The Challenge

Childcare is an essential component for a strong economy, allowing for parents and families to obtain and retain employment. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and exacerbated the childcare challenges, Montgomery County Business Development Center (BDC) sprang into action and started working to attract a new facility in the City of Amsterdam, NY. First, they needed to quantify the unmet need for childcare in the labor shed.

The Solution

Montgomery County BDC commissioned Camoin 310 to conduct a Childcare Feasibility Study, which examined current childcare supply and demand within the county. This study provided Montgomery County BDC with recommendations to support childcare activity throughout the county including specific recommendations to action during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Impact

The study found that there is significant demand for a new childcare facility in Montgomery County to support local families and the workforce. Additionally, the research identified a number of amenities and programming that could be added to boost demand at facilities. Montgomery County Business Development Center and other key leaders in the county are working to implement these recommendations and enhance childcare capacity. For more information visit:

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