Cheers! Crafting Revitalization - How Beverage Producers are Bringing Downtowns Back

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On March 9, 2017, the Northeast Economic Development Association, held a Learning Lab combining happy hour with an overview of the craft beverage industry. The event was hosted by Druther's Brewing Company at their Albany location in the Warehouse District and led by a panel of some of the most-well known economic development and craft brewing professionals in New York's Capital Region. Camoin provided an overview of the craft brewing industry, which has been a significant force in the revitalization of downtown's across the Northeast. Breweries have been creative in where they have established their operations, often utilizing industrial remnants left abandoned for decades. In Albany, the city's "Warehouse District" has been targeted by the Capitalize Albany Corporation as a strategic location to support and complement growth in the downtown core, building a synergy between the two nodes. The neighborhood is home to Druther's brewery and restaurant, along with 9 Pin Cider's tasting room and cidery operations. A new wine bar is proposed for a space along the same street, with another proposal to convert an aging warehouse into a mixed-use development with commercial and residential spaces. These additions to the area are gradually rejuvenating spaces that were once the hub of the city's economic activity.

Check out the infographic above for industry highlights and the pictures below to see some of the action! 


In related news...

U.S. Senator Chuck Shumer has recently said that he will ask incoming Agriculture Sectary Sonny Perdue to insure malting barley crops throughout New York. This is important because ever since the 2012 Farm Brewing Law was passed that mandated craft brewers to use New York-grown ingredients in their beer, the demand for malting barley has increased but farmers haven’t been able to take advantage of the opportunity because of the challenges of growing malting barley in the New York climate. Insuring the malting barley will allow farmers to take the risk of trying this new crop and be insured against “acts of God”, like the way the federal government insurance other crops such as corn, soybeans, apples, onions, and many others. This type of crop insurance could allow farmers to diversify their output, increase their viability and support both the agriculture and craft brewing industry in New York State. 


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