Case Study: Cayuga EDA Using Data Visualizations to Demonstrate Value

In 2016, Camoin Associates was asked to help the Cayuga Economic Development Agency formalize around a dozen key metrics that CEDA would use to measure and report on its progress. Most importantly, the metrics needed to be accessible to the public so that they could quickly and easily grasp where they stood and where they were headed.

At the same time, we were introduced to a local startup company, Windrush, that does turnkey data visualizations for a variety of organizations including our hometown EDO, the Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership. We contacted them to see if we could do a demonstration piece and were very pleasantly surprised when they agreed to take the CEDA information and make a public-facing webpage that shows all the data in a visually-appealing and interactive manner. (We discussed the importance of using visuals to bring alive otherwise boring data here.)

Please see here for the data:

You will immediately note that the charts jump around and catch your eye. You can also turn on and off certain data series, which changes the chart in real time (no refreshing the page necessary).

What is behind the scenes is even more interesting. All of the data is pulled from a simple Excel spreadsheet that we created for CEDA. As time goes by, all CEDA needs to do is update the Excel spreadsheet with new data and, voila! The webpage updates automatically. There is no new graphic design or debugging necessary, it all runs itself.

If this is something you would be interested in for your organization, please reach out to Windrush or drop us a line. Also, please share your ideas for bringing data to life.

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