Camoin 310's preferred source for labor market intelligence.

Why Emsi

Emsi provides comprehensive data to support economic, business, and workforce development. Their data includes:

  • Labor market – employment, occupations, wages
  • Economic input and output used for understanding economic activity, value, and supply chains
  • Industry multipliers for measuring economic impact
  • Job postings – real time data on job openings and related postings, the industries and companies posting, the skills being sought, and the length of time/difficulty to fill

Data is available from national level down to the ZIP Code level allowing users to analyze custom geographies. Historical, current, and projected data is available for most variables and data is updated regularly. Camoin 310 uses Emsi for nearly all its research and analysis including economic impact, industry and real estate market analysis, workforce analysis, supply chain analysis, and local and regional economic analysis. It is an integral part of our work for developing data-driven strategies. 

Informing crisis response and recovery

While Emsi is a fee for service system, they have made numerous resources available for free during COVID-19 including online tools, webinars and research. Some highlights of particular interest to the economic, business, and workforce development communities include the following, which can be found on their COVID-19 Resources page.

Camoin 310 is using Emsi data, research, and tools as an integral part of response and recovery services to economic, business, and workforce development to help navigate economic risk and assess opportunities. Additionally, we use Emsi to create dashboards to support data driven strategies and implementation.



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