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Why IBISWorld

IBISWorld provides global industry market analysis. Information includes insights on historic and projected growth; key factors driving investment, location, and growth; export and import activity and levels; supply chains; largest companies; and global and national issues impacting performance. Market profiles exist for every industry at the 5-digit NAICS level and are updated regularly. IBISWorld also produces special reports that cut across industries and are not defined by NAICS codes. 

Camoin 310 uses IBISWorld for all of its targeted industry studies, economic development strategic plans and any analysis where understanding national and global market trends are needed. 

Informing crisis response and recovery

IBISWorld has also produced a great amount of resources and insights for understanding market and industry impacts related to COVID-19 and are producing more weekly. Most of these are free and do not require a subscription. Of particular interest for economic development is their exposure analysis tool, which measures the level of risk and disruption by detailed industry sector. Exposure intensity is based upon multiple factors including global trade, reliance on in-person business, consumer demand, employment disruptions, securities markets, and business investment.



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