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Why PitchBook

PitchBook provides detailed business intelligence around capital funding and markets and the companies receiving capital. At Camoin 310 we use PitchBook for a variety purposes including researching companies for lead generation, identifying potential high growth industries and technologies, understanding trends in capital markets, and measuring benchmarking geographies for innovation. Company information can also be utilized to support business retention and expansion efforts by providing detailed information on artistically business(es) to economic growth in your community or region. In addition to detailed data at the company level including contact information, Pitchbook provides industry and market briefings. 

Informing crisis response and recovery  

In our April 6, 2020 issue of the Navigator, Camoin 310 Analyst, Jessica Tagliafierro highlighted Pitchbook’s recent report on COVID-19's Impact on Startup Investment.  They also recently released a related report on Startups Helping to Build a Pandemic Preparedness and Response Infrastructure.   


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