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ESRI Business Analyst provides detailed, location specific data on socio demographics, businesses, retail supply and demand, consumer market segmentation, traffic, and crime.  Data can be integrated with ArcGIS mapping as well as for use in data visualization and infographic.  Camoin 310 uses ESRI Business Analyst within all of its work to understand local and regional economic context and activity, real estate market analyses, and retail analyses.  

Informing crisis response and recovery

This type of timely data will continue to be critical to understand and plan for economic recovery challenges and opportunities.  Dan Stevens, Camoin 310's Senior Project Manager, used ESRI ArcGIS to map data from Emsi to examine potential COVID-19 impacts on retail job posting (job openings being posted for hiring) by county in New York State by comparing March 2019 and March 2020 postings for all counties in New York State.

COVID-19's Impact on Retail Jobs

Change in retail job postings: March 2019 vs. March 2020

Data Source: Emsi Unique Job Postings (Retail Sales Workers - SOC 41-2000)
Map created using ESRI ArcGIS Online

The data reveals as expected that New York City and surrounding counties experienced the greatest impact in March 2020 as the virus took hold in the dense metro region and led to a near complete shutdown except for essential services. It also reveals that less dense counties in upstate New York experienced year-over-year increases in March job postings for retail, potentially because outbreaks were slower to occur (or be identified) upstate and/or because essential retail such as groceries and pharmacies struggled to meet demand with the current workforce.

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