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Strategic decision-making grounded in data and analysis.

Our analysts are leaders in the research and analysis of local, regional, and statewide economies. We use the most advanced and comprehensive economic development data and tools available to understand economic trends and identify emerging opportunities to expand your community. Sites and incentives that once drove economic development are now secondary to a community's quality of place, workforce assets, and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Camoin 310 recognizes this transformation and continues to develop new analytic techniques and approaches that help you stay at the forefront. Each project is custom-designed to answer your specific questions, and we often adapt our approach as information is uncovered and new questions arise.

Economic Base Analysis

A thorough analysis of a community's current economic situation reveals industries and trends driving the economy and the area’s ability to avoid, withstand, and recover from disruptive events. Typically, this information is coupled with demographic and socioeconomic data and used to inform strategic planning and doing.

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Targeted Industry & Cluster Analysis

A focused evaluation of specific industry trends takes into account a community’s goals, industry mix, existing resources, workforce assets, and national market trends to identify targeted industry sectors and groups for expansion and attraction based on unique assets.

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Supply Chain Analysis

Identifying portions of targeted industries’ supply chains that may already be located in the region (i.e., ripe for business expansion) and those portions that are not currently present in a region (i.e., ripe for business attraction).

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Workforce Assessment

Evaluating occupation trends and career pathways to uncover any disengagement or mismatch between regional educational environment and labor force needs affecting economic development helps to better align workforce readiness with the skills required for future job growth.

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Real Estate Market Opportunity Analysis

Commercial, industrial, and residential market analysis transforms market data into projections that help identify unmet demand and opportunities for growth. These opportunities are critical elements in the public investment, land use, and redevelopment decision making processes.

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  • City of Biddeford, ME - 3 Lincoln St. Redevelopment Strategy 
  • Halfmoon Beach Properties, LLC - Halfmoon Beach Development Market Analysis 
  • City of Rochester, NY - Vacuum Oil Market Analysis 
  • Town of Groton, CT - Economic & Market Opportunity Analysis 
  • Webster Bank (CT) - Market & Financial Feasibility Analysis for Adaptive Re-Use of Historic Farmington Building

Financial Feasibility Analysis

Modeling the financial feasibility of projects and programs helps determine their viability. Also referred to as a pro forma cash flow statement, this analysis uses market data  and other key economic and financial information to estimate pre-tax cash flows to a developer and any public and private investment requirements necessary to make the project happen.

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Marketing & Communications Audit

A full review of a community’s marketing and communications helps to understand where the community stands from a marketing and messaging perspective. This information, coupled with findings and information from concurrent economic research and analysis, is used to develop recommendations to improve ongoing campaigns and develop new marketing initiatives.

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