Allentown Metal Works Site Redevelopment Strategy - City of Allentown, PA

The former Allentown Metal Works site received a six-figure boost this week, bolstering the city's efforts to turn the once-thriving factory and two-time political prop into an urban manufacturing hub. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced $400,000 in supplemental funding to Allentown to support the ongoing brownfield cleanup project.

The City of Allentown and the Allentown Economic Development Corporation commissioned Camoin Associates and Bergmann Associates to prepare an analysis of the Allentown Metal Works site as Phase III in a comprehensive Re-Industrialization Strategy for Allentown. This vacant industrial complex contains over a dozen structures on two parcels that total approximately 20 acres. It is ideally situated as the next step in the City’s ongoing efforts to re-industrialize and support both economic growth and job creation. This site’s proximity to a readily available labor pool, optimal transportation links and solid infrastructure makes it an ideal and very marketable opportunity for potential manufacturers.

This Phase III study addressed the challenges and opportunities contained within this site and its immediate surroundings. This vision, supported by data and analysis, shows that with the inclusion of publicly assisted gap financing, redevelopment of this property to meet both contemporary and future need can be made financially viable.

Project Highlights:

  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Fiscal Impact Analysis: Public Perspective
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis: Developer Perspective
  • Redevelopment Strategy for Urban Industrial Property

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