Who we are

Camoin Associates is a full-service economic development consulting firm with a talented staff of data-analyzing, consensus-building, creative problem solvers. Together, we are the economic development “navigators” helping our public and private sector clients reach innovative solutions for the most complex economic development challenges facing communities today.

What we do

We are committed to creating data-driven strategies, policies, and programs while forging collaborative relationships and building trust among key stakeholders. Our promise for each project is to provide a sound conclusion that leads to informed decision-making and action.

Our reputation for detailed, place-specific, and accurate analysis has garnered firm attention from national media outlets including NPR’s Marketplace, Forbes magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. Additionally, our marketing strategies have helped our clients gain both national and local media coverage for their projects in order to build public support and leverage additional funding.

Our “Fearless Leaders”

Robert Camoin founded Camoin Associates in 1999 with the conviction that successful development requires leadership, strategies targeting industry sector opportunities and business needs, and sustainable funding to incentivise private investment. Prior to merging with Camoin Associates in 2010, Jim Damicis built PolicyOne Research into a leading research and analysis firm in Maine serving private and public clients throughout the Northeast.

Where we work

We've worked in all four corners of the continental U.S. - 32 states and counting!





Contact Information

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Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

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