Aaron Metheny

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About Aaron

Aaron seeks to utilize his background in economic policy to help enhance the well-being of communities across the nation. Aaron believes that both quality data analytics and community engagement, together with effective and responsive project management, are the key ingredients for successful economic development initiatives.

Prior to joining Camoin 310, Aaron garnered experience working in public policy at both the local and federal level. As an undergraduate, Aaron interned at the Philadelphia Energy Authority, where he supported the Solarize Philly program and helped increase demand for residential solar energy in the region. In this capacity, Aaron worked with a myriad of stakeholders, from municipal government and private sector partners to city residents, in order to support PEA in its effort to expand clean energy opportunities and effect meaningful change.  

Aaron then began his post-undergraduate career as a research assistant at the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, DC. During his tenure at the Board, Aaron assisted staff economists with analysis of emerging market economies. FOMC briefings, country macroeconomic development reports, and the Monetary Policy Report are just a few of the types of projects Aaron worked on that helped further the Federal Reserve’s public service mandate of pursuing maximum employment and stable prices. The skills he acquired in data and economic policy analysis, as well as technical writing, are essential in his client work: Aaron strives to deliver cogent, rigorous analytical insights to help clients realize their full potential and utilize their unique strengths.

Aaron earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Swarthmore College.

Personal Interests

Aaron enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading science fiction novels, and playing trivia games.

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PO Box 3547
Saratoga Springs NY 12866

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