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Past Editions of the
Economic Development Navigator

February 2013

    • Lessons in Downtown Redevelopment Success
    • Keys to Benchmarking in Economic Development
    • Featured Indicator: Lost Expenditures by State

January 2013

    • Trends in Academci Research & University Research Parks
    • Economic Development New Year's Resolutions
    • Featured Indicator: Academic R&D

December 2012 Seasons Greetings

November 2012

    • Preparing the Workforce for Tomorrow
    • Top 20 Industries Most Affected by Hurricane Katrina
    • EMSI's Take on the Emerging Professional, Scientific, & Technical Sector
    • Featured Indicator: Private Sector R&D

October 2012

    • National Data Confirms Trend Toward Urban Center Redevelopment
    • Impact of Recession on Wage Equality in the United States
    • Featured Indicator: Foreign Born Population

September 2012

    • Announcing Our New Partnership with Maverick & Boutique!
    • Urban Pioneers: Not Your Typical Revitalization Tool
    • Communities Get the Best of Both Worlds with Polarity Thinking

August 2012

    • Three Things You Can Do to Help Your Region Transition to a New Economic Era
    • Where are the Jobs? Finding and Uncovering the Hidden Employment Recovery in "Extended Proprietors"
    • Featured Indicator: Self-Employed Workers

July 2012

    • Economic Developer' Evolving Role: Point Guard
    • Featured Indicator: Individual Access to the Internet at Home

June 2012

    • Summer Jobs Lead to a Lifetime of Skill
    • Academic and Private Sector Collaboration for Economic Growth
    • Featured Indicator: Employment by Foreign-Owned Businesses by State

April 2012

    • Using the Innovation Index to Evaluate Maine's R&D Capacity
    • Economic Development Strategic Planning Course Coming to Albany
    • Economic Development Strategic Planning Components
    • Three Critical Ingredients to Economic Development Success

March 2012 - Special Edition

    • Special Bulletin for New York State Economic Development Officials

February 2012

    • A Much Needed Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development Strategies Course
    • The Met Council: Overcoming Rivalry to Plan Regionally - Part II: An Innovative Agreement
    • Upcoming Economic Development Training Course
    • The Uncertainty Principle: How States Can Improve Outcomes from Local Municipal Reorganization
    • Camoin in the News

January 2012

    • Entrepreneurial and Small Business Development Strategies Course Starts Next Month!
    • Unleashing Fundamental Change: Networking Transformational Thinking and Action Through Economic Development
    • Camoin Associates Names Michael N'dolo as Partner
    • Thinking Outside of the (Big) Box: Community Development by the People

December 2011 - Season's Greetings from Camoin Associates

November 2011

    • Camoin Associates and Innovation Policyworks partner for "Benchmarking the Rhode Island Knowledge Economy"
    • How MIT's Innovative IP Licensing System Creates Oversized Economic Results
    • The Met Council: Overcoming Rivalry to Plan Regionally
    • Portland Maine's Economic Scorecard
    • News from Camoin Associates
    • Featured Indicator: National Assessment of Educational Progress Math Scores for 8th Graders - 2011


October 2011

    • Observations from IEDC Annual Conference
    • International Micro-Credit Programs: Are They Good for Economic Development?
    • Business Incubators: The Importance of Routine Checkups
    • News from Camoin Associates

September 2011

    • Special IEDC Annual Conference Issue of the Economic Development Navigator
    • Panel Session: "Beyond Jobs: New Methods in Measuring Return on Investments"
    • Learning Lab: "Using Workforce Analysis for Understanding and Building Your Tech Sectors"
    • Camoin Exhibiting at Conference
    • IEDC, NEDA, and Camoin Associates Partner to Bring CEcD Curriculum/Professional Training to the Northeast

August/September 2011

    • Economic Transformation Requires New Methods of Economic Development Evaluation
    • Featured Indicator: Benefits of Social Media and Commonly Used Tools
    • Business Incubators: What is a Business Incubator and Should Your Community Have One?
    • News from Camoin Associates
    • Social Media and Our Lives: How Can We Better Use It?

July 2011

    • Make Your Community Stand Out... It's as Easy as B.R.A.N.D.
    • Economic Analysis Proves Key to New York Islanders' Stadium Issue
    • Featured Indicator: Top Twenty-Five States and U.S. in Percent of Gross State Product Growth - 2009-2010
    • An Updated Vision for Scarborough, Maine

June 2011

    • Camoin Associates in the News
    • How Can Market Analysis Techniques be Utilized for Disaster Evacuation Planning?
    • Using Charrettes as Part of the Planning Process
    • Featured Indicator: NAEP Math Scores for 8th Grade - 2009
    • Microenterprise Spotlight: Pouring Light Studio Malone, NY


May 2011

    • Downsizing Detroit: How They Found the Money to Shrink and What We Can Learn
    • The Importance of Networking and Making Connections
    • Embracing the Three "C"s