Firm Background



Over the past ten years, Camoin Associates has evolved into a professional service firm that utilizes its understanding of the public and private sector investment process to assist businesses and developers in capitalizing on funding, financing and tax programs established to encourage private investment.

Clients past and present know the value of our recommendations. By leveraging our experience in core research and analysis techniques, we highlight the key connections and provide a sound conclusion for every project.

Camoin Associates has earned a reputation as an authority on public and private sector economic development. We specialize in advising economic development organizations and municipalities in creating data-driven strategies, policies and programs while at the same time, demonstrating how to forge collaborative relationships and build trust among key stakeholders.

To find out how we can help you achieve your economic development, business and investment objectives in this new economy, call us today at (518) 899-2608. Contact us today and let Camoin Associates propel your business into the future.